Degree Show Installation

I am thrilled that my work is now installed for the 2015 Manchester School of Art degree show at MMU. My work is part of the Vertical Gallery curated show in the building Benzie and can be found on Floor three in the lovely atrium area. Looking forward to the launch party tomorrow!

Book Cover Series

A book cover set for Dracula, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and the Hound of the Baskervilles, all based on the chemical elements underpinning the narratives.  Iron (in the blood) for Dracula, Carbon (the basic building block of life) for Frankenstein, Arsenic (for suicide) in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, and Phosphorous (of the

Sheffield Docfest 2012

  “What type of work do you do?”                            “I collect information” So said Mark Lombardi, subject of one of the three arts (or should that be politics?) documentaries I watched at Sheffield Docfest last week. Those documentaries being (click on links for

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What is social history? Why is it important? How might people approach it differently? What is the role of the artist when it comes to working with social history?  Magpie or educator or both? I’ve been asking myself these questions over the past few months whilst I’ve been working on a uni project for Queen

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IWM Sketchcrawl

  Had an excellent day today with Sheffield’s Sketchcrawlers at the Imperial War Museum, North. IWM is an amazing museum, tackling the realities of conflict since the 20th Century. The building was designed by Daniel Libeskind, based on a shattered globe re-worked together – a comment on how war changes everything. It was really inspirational

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Making Sense Of It All

Infographics are cool….. As a geographer I’ve always had a passion for colourful diagrams that not only look good but tell you some interesting stuff about the world.  I’m not sure when the word ‘infographic’ first appeared (perhaps we need an infographic on that?) but many examples can be found – old and new.  Some

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