Capitalism 24,902 – Re-presenting the Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto re-presented for a 21st Century audience.  The Communist Manifesto presents two hostile camps.

Two tribes at war:

  • Bourgeoisie verses proletariat
  • Capitalists verses workers
  • Capitals verses lower case letters

Of the 60,700 characters within the manifesto, 814 are Capitals. Even within the Communist Manifesto just 428 Capitals own all of the sentences.

Capitalism 24,902 presents these two tribes at war, through a conflict waging between:

– lower case letters (proletariat) & capitals (bourgeoisie),

– words within the manifesto that could be considered to be bourgeoisie (e.g. ACTIVITY) or proletariat words (e.g. abolition) or those for which the ownership of the meaning would be contested by both (e.g. aNtAgOnIsMs) .  

Each letter of the alphabet is presented form a bourgeoisie and proletariat perspective, showing different types of conflict, contest or unequal power relations that are inspired by the manifesto.

This piece will be on show at the 2015 Sheffield International Book Prize.

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