‘In real theatre things follow rhythm that is clearly understood.’

Here we have a 3-page booklet I designed on the subject ‘climax’.  The word soon led me to think about film and how these narrative visual masterpieces are created.  Many are based on a formula which we are all very accustomed to (which is why twists that play with conventions can be so shocking).  I turned to the master of cinema – Mr Alfred Hitchcock and his film The Man Who Knew Too Much where the climax of the film plays like a film within a film.  Driven by the narrative structure of the music (played in the Royal Albert Hall of London), an assassination plan unfolds.  The audience is primed to witness the bullet drive home on the last clash of the gigantic symbols.

The booklet highlights the three main players in this 9 minute sequence, the mother (Doris Day), the revolver, and the music.  The final spread acknowledges the involvement of the viewer – asking the viewer to plot the remaining co-ordinates of the action sequence to see whether they fall into the expected formula.

The vertical lines throughout the work (particularly captured on the front and back cover) illustrate the cuts (all 192 of them) that take place in this rapidly moving 9 minutes.

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