The Paragon Case (Queen St Mill, Burnley)

– So Who Stuck a Knife in the Back of His or Her Hand? –

For a project at Burnley’s Queen Street Mill I studied its Injury Book (1961-65) with the aim of bringing the content to life. Inspired by an episode of Life on Mars (shot in the mill where a murder case turns out to be a fatal breach of health & safety), J.B. Priestley’s play, An Inspector Calls, and the board game Cleudo.

Below is a shot of my puzzle book The Paragon Case. The first puzzle can be solved with information from the museum’s injury book. The second puzzle can only be solved with additional knowledge about the mill e.g. what a tackler does. The third illustrates the limits we have to our social history knowledge.

P.S. The Paragon Case was where the first aid kit was kept.


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