Degree Show Installation

I am thrilled that my work is now installed for the 2015 Manchester School of Art degree show at MMU. My work is part of the Vertical Gallery curated show in the building Benzie and can be found on Floor three in the lovely atrium area. Looking forward to the launch party tomorrow!

Book Cover Series

A book cover set for Dracula, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and the Hound of the Baskervilles, all based on the chemical elements underpinning the narratives.  Iron (in the blood) for Dracula, Carbon (the basic building block of life) for Frankenstein, Arsenic (for suicide) in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, and Phosphorous (of the

CE-REAL protest

Being asked to respond to the word ‘Watch’ led me to ask the question: If alien visitors (as in not from Earth) were watching Earth and wanted to contact the most dominant lifeform on the planet – who/what would they contact? Well – the answer depends on what the most ‘dominant’ lifeform is and according

Sweet Dreams?

Tasked with collecting data on myself over the summer of 2012 I chose to collect my dreams over 28 nights in August.  I am currently working on turning my findings into an infographic which will be presented within a nightlight. The collection apparatus with which I captured my dreams is pictured.  Thinking of dreamcatchers my

Sheffield Docfest 2012

  “What type of work do you do?”                            “I collect information” So said Mark Lombardi, subject of one of the three arts (or should that be politics?) documentaries I watched at Sheffield Docfest last week. Those documentaries being (click on links for

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