CE-REAL protest

Being asked to respond to the word ‘Watch’ led me to ask the question:

If alien visitors (as in not from Earth) were watching Earth and wanted to contact the most dominant lifeform on the planet – who/what would they contact?

Well – the answer depends on what the most ‘dominant’ lifeform is and according to a science talk I went to, by volume this would be trees, but by number – this would be cereals.  Yes, cereals.  Such as rice, oats, maize, rye etc.

Another question –

Who/what really creates crop circles and why?

My conclusion?  A group of intrepid human beings who have worked out that cereals rule the Earth.  Cereals have more genes than us (the rice plant), have us tending to their every need, and can make bugs explode (e.g. GM maize)!  Pictured are a group of freedom fighters concerned about the cause and working on placards for a protest. Slogans included:

Maize is Murder!

Sowing the Seeds of World Domination

CE (Get) – REAL

Fatal Harvest

The CE-REAL campaign group are on watch.

I’ve been working on a set of postcards to spread word about the campaign and a users guide for this campaign group – explaining what different crop circles mean and how to create them.  See my portfolio page for details!

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