Got to be starting something…..

“What do you mean that’s the end?” so said a couple of visitors at the end of our closing event last night.  The disappointment was tangible.  They’d only come today and had been hoping to come back to participate in all the activities.  Sad in a way but surely also a great mark of success?  In just 2 weeks 10 artists managed to transform the ‘white cuboid’ into a comfortable, buzzing, creative environment.  Visitors told me they felt it had great ‘energy’ and “wasn’t like the ordinary linear gallery” experience.  Many asked what we are going to do next and I’m sure that some great collaborations are going to follow.  Certainly, Smizz and I are going to continue what has been started in our subvertising – ‘RE:advertise’ project so that we can build on the momentum (we were still getting responses at yesterday’s event!) and bring the work to a conclusion.  You can keep on track with us at our RE:advertise blog.

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