Infictions album art

Infictions album Maps of Revenge and Forgiveness is launched tomorrow.  Had a great time at the gig yesterday with friends/family/ fans of the band and the other 9 artists that contributed work to the album.  The piece pictured here is my contribution for the track Line Drawings.

It was made both in response to the lyrics and to a passage within the track that brought to mind the beat of a pasodoble which made me think of the world being swung around on the cape of a matador.

The other artists contributing to the album were Nat Mortimer, Andrew Nesbitt, James Price, Ed Cartledge, Lee Knights, Drew Meakin, Katy Mugford, Helen Turton & Guy Smith.  More information available at infictions website plus a pretty cool video promoting the album.

The work also made it into this month’s Exposed magazine.


And – all importantly – the album is great!

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