Location, Location, Location

I’m getting excited about going to Parson Cross in May to share the current results of Smizz and I’s RE:Advertise project. We spent a fabulous (if a little rainy) day out at SOAR Works on Knutton Road last week to meet with Ania. We both explored SOAR’s brilliant community enterprise centre and found out about Ania’s plans for the event as part of her artist residency.  She is exploring people’s stories relating to Parson’s Cross, seeking to explore life as it actually is, rather than the negative stories from the press or local nostalgic tales. She has arrived at the rather awesome idea of exploring people’s stories through the steps you take in constructing a novel. Connected to this, Ania will be running four events themed as follows: Location (Spring); Hero (Summer); Plot (Autumn); Dialogue (Winter).

Smizz and I have been invited to the Location event and have sourced some new text from local advertising – some interesting patterns are already emerging. Can’t wait to try them out!  Join us to re-order the words of advertisers to say what you really want!  We’ll be at  PX on Saturday 19th May (from 11am) at SOAR Works, keep an eye out for up-dates on our blog and check out the PX Facebook page.

Image: Poster for event from Ania Bas.

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